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How Writers Can Overcome Limiting Money Beliefs With Austin L. Church

September 26, 2022 Bryan Collins Season 2
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How Writers Can Overcome Limiting Money Beliefs With Austin L. Church
Show Notes

What are your limiting mindsets around money and freelancing?

Like many writers, I’ve had some limiting beliefs around money, which have held me back over the years. I guess I was telling myself I don’t deserve to get paid to write.

Later on, when I started getting paid as a copywriter for a British software company, I said things like, “I should be content with what I have because lots of other people I know are worse off."

Even later, in my 30s, I used to say things like, “It’s really hard for writers to make money or to earn a living today because perhaps it’s harder to sell books or people don’t read as much as they used to.”

I still encounter these types of limiting beliefs around money from time to time, so I haven’t unwound them all.

Do any of these strike a chord with you? In that case, I’d encourage you to dig a little deeper into why you think you don’t deserve to earn money for creative work or feel like you should be content with what you already have. Or perhaps even limiting beliefs like, “I’m just not good with money,” because the thing is, you can get paid for creative work and still pay the bills.

This week’s interviewee is Austin Church. He’s a brand consultant, and part of his work is helping freelancers or new freelancers overcome these types of limiting beliefs.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The different strategies Austin offers to overcome limiting mindsets
  • Tips on branding for writers and creatives
  • Imagining and realizing your brand
  • Diversifying your personal brand vs. your professional identity




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